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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I have had so many friends ask me for ideas on what to pack in their kids lunchbox on a daily basis.

So I will be sharing a few of my kids favourite lunchbox snacks today and I hope it comes in handy for you too. Its so good to make it as balanced, healthy, colourful and tasty as possible.

My kids love getting involved in packing their lunchbox, or Charlotte will sometimes help me pack little surprises that she thinks her brother would love.

It does get a little messy at times, so I usually just re-organise the lunch boxes once they’ve finished helping me.

I like to lay out many different options and then we just take it from there.

I always like to add something fresh, a protein and a healthy treat.

For the fresh ideas, my kids love apples, watermelon, berries, cucumber, carrots, baby corn, naartjies and mango.

For protein I usually pack something like biltong, little chicken sosaties (or as my kids call them chicken on a stick), hummus, full cream plain yoghurt, edamame beans, nuts or seed bars.

And then the healthy treat will usually be a muffin that we baked, our favourite quick and easy peanut butter cookies, banana bread or even something like dark chocolate covered almonds.

Then I just add in little extras like date balls, pretzels (I try to get gluten free), pasta or a wrap for extra substance, and dried fruit.

Try to make it colourful and nourishing for their growing bodies and minds.

I hope this helps and that your kiddies love these lunchbox ideas too.

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