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Cooking with Chef Gustaaf Boshoff (Goose) was one of the best days in the kitchen. I had the privilege of learning from him and making some of his amazing meals in his beautiful restaurant, The Green Goose Eatery in Stellenbosch. If you are ever in Stellenbosch, then this is definitely the restaurant that you will want to visit! I love that Goose supports small businesses and local farmers, choosing seasonal, ethically sourced produce.

His travels have played a big role in inspiring many if his dishes. As Goose says, he loves to serve “no bullshit haute cuisine”.

Every single dish that I have eaten at the Green Goose Eatery has been absolutely amazing in every way. One of my favourite dishes on their menu is Poisson Cru, inspired from his travels to Tahiti. So In this video you will see how we make it and can recreate it at home. It is seriously my favourite meal at the moment and I would choose this as my last meal! We also made vegetarian flat breads in his wood fired oven and a beautiful asparagus side dish. The flavors, colours and produce are so inspiring and I can’t wait to make these at home. His passion, energy and enthusiasm is so contagious! 

Thank you Goose for sharing your knowledge, skills, energy and love for fusion food with us. I'm sure everyone will love watching this colourful video and be inspired to get creative in the kitchen.

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