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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Welcome to season 2 of Cocobean Cooks. I am so excited to take you into the kitchen of some of my favourite restaurants and learn from these incredible chefs!

Today I am at Holy Dough where Jurgen is teaching us all how to make Neapolitan Pizza from scratch. I have always absolutely loved Holy Dough pizza and you can really taste the extra love, time and effort that is put into each unique pizza.

The dough for each base is left to rise and ferment for up to 4 days so you are left with a pizza that is much easier to digest. I must admit that I can eat a whole Holy Dough pizza without feeling bloated afterwards and I absolutely love that.

It’s so important to enjoy your food, eat the best quality as possible and feel good afterwards, even when eating a pizza.

What is your favourite pizza topping? I always go for a margarita and Jurgen does too! Happy cooking, see you next time.

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